Joint-stock company Corporation for the Development of the Chechen Republic

It is a regional specialized organization for attracting investments and working with investors.

Our goal

To create conditions for sustainable, balanced, harmonious development of the economy, ensuring improved quality of life.

We are open to cooperation, we form transparent relations of government and business, we create comfortable conditions for the work of the investor. ” Today, the Chechen Republic is a territory of unique opportunities for doing business and efficient operation of investors' capital.

The main tasks of the Corporation

  • Development of the investment infrastructure of the republic.
  • Providing a single window for investors.
  • Promotion of investment opportunities and projects of the republic in Russia and abroad.
  • Interaction with financial organizations and development institutions.
  • PPP integration of projects.

The main activities of the Corporation

  • Initiation and promotion of investment projects.
  • Assistance in creating project teams for the support and implementation of priority investment projects of the Chechen Republic on a turnkey basis.
  • Promotion of the development of small and medium business in the Chechen Republic.
  • Representing the interests of the Chechen Republic in public-private partnership projects, concession agreements.
  • Ensuring the filling, updating and functioning of the Investment Portal of the Chechen Republic.
  • Consulting activities.

Divisions of the Corporation

Отдел "одного окна"

Инвестиционный отдел

Информационный отдел

Отдел правового обеспечения

Строительный отдел